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Our Breakfast Menu at Raymont House Bed and Breakfast. The Full English with three different options; one traditional with bacon and pork sausages; one prok-free with beef sausages; and one vegetarian with fried halloumi

—  breakfast  —

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Exclusively yours ….

As only one party of guests are booked into Raymont House at a time, you get Deborah and Steven's undivided attention, especially at breakfast.

Fresh, locally sourced food, where possible, from the heart of Devon farms and producers. Our Prime Beef Sausages, Bacon and Honeyed-Pork Sausages are from Brickyard Farm on the edge Hatherleigh; and free-range eggs cooked to your preference.

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—  Traditional  —
Pork sausages and rashers of back bacon from our local Hatherleigh pork specialist at Brickyard Farm, and free range eggs (poached, fried or scrambled), herbed cherry tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, and toast on the side


—  Vegetarian  —
Free range eggs (poached, fried or scrambled), herbed cherry tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, and toast on the side



 Other breakfast options & extras

These include, eggs on toast, beans on toast, bacon butties & lots more. Jams and preserves by award-winning Waterhouse Fayre in mid Devon, and sometimes our own strawberry jam; and honey produced here in Hatherleigh with its own unique taste of the moors.

You can also help yourself to an enticing range of cereals, fruit juices, yoghurts and fresh fruit.

We will always endeavour to cater for guests with special dietary requirements where possible, just ask.



We take pride in our loose-leaf teas carefully selected by our expert, traditional tea merchant, Golden Monkey. These include some of the finest examples of green, white, oolong and black teas, alongside our favourite blends and herbal teas.

There are plenty to choose from, our Organic English Breakfast blend, a superb Earl Grey blend, a top quality Assam-Panitola, and a delicious Decaf Assam special blend. Also we have a Formosa Oolong from Taiwan, a pure and gentle Peppermint tea, a Japan Sencha green tea, and last but least, a Fruit Infusion, a veritable explosion of exotic flavours for the morning.

Served in either, larger teapots for everyone, or individual one cup teapots to allow for the re-infusing of the more delicate teas.


To compliment our tea range, we offer a selection of two different character blends of fresh beans from our favourite coffee supplier.

Our Riva Blend is full of flavour, boasting a thick body and rich taste of baking chocolate. Finished off with notes of smooth, sweet caramel.

Our Roma Blend boasts a delicious syrupy body, well-balanced taste, hints of citrus fruit and a nutty finish. An aromatic medium-roast coffee which works perfectly as an everyday coffee.

Served as you prefer, freshly ground as a cappucino, latte, espresso etc., or made and served in a cafetiere.

Some guests prefer to relax and dine in the lounge, especially after a long day in the saddle. We are happy to help. We will provide cutlery, crockery and glasses, and heat through any ready-meals such as pizzas and plate them up for you. The local Co-op, open from 7:00am - 10:00pm, has a very good selection to choose from as well as good wines and beers etc. Also, the local fish & chip shop, just beyond The George opposite the Post Office, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 - 8:00pm
Please feel free to ask.